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    The Australian Forest Growers (AFG) is the national association representing
    private forestry and commercial treegrowing interests in Australia.

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    AFG is the only national organisation representing and promoting
    the interests of private forestry and farm tree growers.

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Advance Call for AFG National Biennial Conference 2016




23-26 OCTOBER 2016

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This is an Advance Call for Papers and Posters to be presented at the Australian Forest Growers Biennial National Conference in Launceston, Tasmania during 23-26 October 2016. The AFG Conference 2016 will challenge speakers and delegates from all parts of the private forest grower enterprise to show how and why private and farm forests provide a diverse range of social, economic and environmental values to be shared, managed and enjoyed by local and regional communities in Australia and elsewhere.

Australia’s premier private forestry conference is the place to be in October 2016. The timely conference theme is  ‘Make the Right Choice’. Communication is the principal objective of the three day conference program consisting of up to forty ‘face-to-face’ speakers and presenters. Comprehensive field tours and social functions will provide members and delegates with an unrivalled opportunity to meet one another, the speakers, industry representatives, researchers and trade exhibitors to share their ‘tree growing’ knowledge and experience and to learn about latest practical and technical developments  in silviculture, processing and marketing.

The following four conference streams have been identified to showcase up-to-date knowledge, industry, research and innovation in Australia:

A. Investment Rationale (Why invest in forestry?)
B. Sustainability and Environment
C. Forest Growth and Productivity
D. Research, Innovation and Commercialisation

The Conference Organising Committee (COC) invites papers and poster presentations from a broad range of interest, background and expertise. The program is designed to include personal grower experiences and case studies of an anecdotal and  practical nature; the presentation and discussion of industrial, social, silvicultural and environmental issues relating to the science and sustainability of private and farm forestry; through to scholarly and philosophical arguments about policy, planning and marketing in a rapidly evolving economic and social environment.

Submit an Abstract for a Paper or Poster
AFG Conference organisers invite you to deliver a paper and/or poster presentation at the conference, via the first step of submitting a Draft Abstract to be received electronically by 31 March 2016.

Provided your Draft Abstract is received by the due date of 31 March 2016, the Provisional Acceptance of your intended presentation and place on the Provisional Conference Program will be confirmed by return email on or before 30 April 2016, along with a copy of Instructions to Speakers and Guidelines on the style and other requirements of your presentation for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings (which will be circulated electronically to delegates prior to or at the conference). Presenters are advised to apply for discounted registration fees at time of submitting their Conference Registration.

Final acceptance of written and spoken presentations will be confirmed following receipt of (a) your Conference Registration and (b) the completed written Paper and/or PowerPoint Presentation by the due dates indicated below. Conference organisers may recommend editorial adjustment to presentations submitted if and where this is considered helpful.

To submit an Abstract for your intended paper or poster, please follow these instructions and complete the following steps:

(i) Provide your nominated Author contact details including current email address and phone contact;

(ii) Nominate your preferred session stream (A, B, C or D above), or simply suggest another suitable theme if you wish;

(iii) Attach your intended Presentation Title, nominated Author(s) and the Draft Abstract of 200-250 words (as a Word file, Calibri font, min. 12 pitch with 1.5 line spacing); and 

(iv) Indicate your preferred mode of presentation as one or more of the following alternatives:

1. POSTER (to bring to the Conference)

2. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ONLY (or similar electronic presentation) to be submitted in full by 16 September 2016, for inclusion in the electronic issue of Conference Proceedings

3. CONFERENCE PAPER (unrefereed) with or without PPT presentation, to be submitted in full by 31 July 2016, for inclusion in the electronic issue of Conference Proceedings

4. REFEREED CONFERENCE PAPER with or without PPT presentation, to be submitted in full by 31 July 2016 together with written referee’s report or other evidence of peer review.

Submit an Abstract

The Tasmania Branch of Australian Forest Growers and the Conference Organising Committee welcome your attendance and contribution to this important national conference. We very much look forward to your consideration and acceptance of our invitation to present a paper or poster at the conference via the process which is outlined above.

On behalf of the COC and the Conference Convenor Arthur Lyons, I look forward to keeping in touch.

Best wishes,

Dr Greg Unwin
Program Coordinator
AFG National Biennial Conference, Launceston 2016
University of Tasmania, School of Land and Food
Mob. 0417 540 745; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Australian Forest Growers is the national association representing and promoting private forestry and commercial treegrowing interests in Australia.



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